Oh boy. I do not like writing about myself…but I enjoy reading things about other people…so I guess I feel kind of obligated. I usually find what I write, I strongly dislike 2 days later. Which is why I don’t keep journals. I can’t help myself from going back and reading them…then I don’t like what I read…then I have to toss it! I do however LOVE buying journals. Because let’s face it…there are a lot of pretty journals out there! So, this is a good start…now you know I don’t journal. (and buy things I will never use) 

Ok, some other things…I live in Maine with my husband and 2 boys + dog. We live in an old house that we are currently renovating. It’s slow going…and you should see the bathrooms. SO BAD. We are also renovating a house next door. That is a long story…but what a crazy few years it has been. I do a lot of the work myself. Let’s just say, last year for my birthday my husband got me a dress and a miter saw. (Just typing that makes me happy.) When I am not renovating, driving kids to and fro…and NOT folding mountains of laundry…you will find me drawing. I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember…and I love it. Just a pen and a big stack of paper and all is well. Other things I love…humor, honesty, looking out the sky when I am grumpy, super productive days, learning, children’s artwork, little birds, bright colors, beautiful and functional design, and warm weather. (why did we move back to Maine again???) 

Well, that’s probably enough…

Gotta go pick up the kiddos from school! 

Thanks for checking out my work! 
















Deirdre weaves creativity into every aspect of her life, from raising two young boys and simultaneously renovating TWO huge, old houses, to her happy and inspirational drawings and paintings. Through it all, combining color and emotion have been the cornerstones of her inspiration. As a graduate of Maine College of Art, she has worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, owned a gallery/frame shop, and sold her art through Earth Angels Studios. She recently moved back to the Northeast after living in Jacksonville, FL for 10 years. Deirdre now lives and works in South Berwick, Maine.