this is me at age 6. (still me at age 39...just a little taller and a couple wrinkles these days)

so here are some facts about me...

1. i like fun.

2. my husband is fun...i like him...a lot.

3. i've got 2 boys. 3 and 5.  they're fun too and i am very fond of them as well.

4. i LOVE ice cream.

5. authenticity is pretty awesome.

6. i always root for the underdog.

7. i don't feel like my hair matches my personality.

8. i do like having hair though so i shouldn't really complain.

9. i love dichotomy.

10. wes anderson movies are genius.

11. i could watch bbc remakes of classic novels...forever.

12. which elicits the response "dork" from my husband.

13. i think i may be a perfectionist. which i consider to be a flaw.

14. i cannot drink more than one cup of coffee per day. i get crazy.

15. we recently moved from florida back to maine, where i grew up.

16. i never thought i would say this...but i like florida.

17. we are currently renovating a 150+ year old house.

18. and people keep saying "with 2 little kids?"

19. and we say "YUP"

20. sometimes i go blank under the slightest pressure. (actually had trouble thinking of a #20)

oh...and 21. my mother thinks i should add that i went to college. maine college of art for graphic design.

that's enough for now.

thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy my work!