I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. Just a pencil and a big stack of paper or a sketchbook and I’m happy. I’ve worked in a variety of mediums over the years, but pencil and paper has always been the constant. I love it. As far as inspiration goes, I pick it up here, there and wherever I can find it. I usually write or quickly sketch to remember ideas, then let them percolate and run out of my pencil tip when they are ready to be finalized.

My creative endeavors over the years have included wholesaling my art (collages made of wool) in college, a degree in Graphic Design from Maine College of Art, freelance design, operating my own frame shop and gallery here in Maine…then running off to get married, moving to Florida, selling my paintings, having two babies and moving back to Maine.

I currently live in Southern Maine with my family, in a big, old house that we are currently renovating...and probably will be for a long time. When I’m not drawing, you will find me fixing, planning and building.


(1) i like fun.

(2) my husband is fun...i like him a lot.

(3) i've got 2 boys, ages 8 and 10…and an old dog. they're also super fun.

(4) i could not live without ice cream.

(5) i value authenticity.

(6) i love coffee…but cannot drink it.

(7) i don't feel like my straight hair matches my personality. i do like having hair though…so i really shouldn't complain.

(8) i love being tired from a really productive day.

(9) i find dichotomy very entertaining.

(10) costume dramas and bbc adaptations of classic novels are my favorite…which elicits the comment "dork" from my husband.

(11) children’s artwork makes me cry…along with a long list of other things.

(12) in 2017, i acted as the contractor for the renovation of a 200 year old house.

(13) i thrive in warm weather…so most of the year you’ll find me in wool socks.

(14) when i was little, i was usually in the woods exploring, making mud pies, daydreaming or riding my Big Wheel.

A little peek at my shelf of special doo-dads and goodies in my studio.

A little peek at my shelf of special doo-dads and goodies in my studio.